Doctorate in Chemical Engineering

The Doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Vigo, replaces the doctoral program of the same name taught at the Department of Chemical Engineering since 1990 till 2010. The program has obtained the Quality Label from the Education Ministry (ref: MVD2008-00096, BOE 12/11/2008).

“Mention for excellence” for doctoral programs:

This doctoral program has obtained “Favourable” assessment from ANECA (National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation) with 94 points out of 100. This grade corresponds to the last call, in 2011 (Order EDU / 3429/2010 of 28 December, BOE 04/01 / 2011).

The Doctorate program is ascribed to the Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial of Universidade de Vigo.

The natural way of access, but not the only one, to this program is trough the Master in Chemical Engineering of the Universidade de Vigo.. (this master isn't currently imparted)

The PhD thesis can be done in one of the three research lines of the program:

  • Mass transfer and separation processes.
  • Biotechnology, industrial and environmental approaches.
  • Corrosion, surface treatments and electrochemical technologies.

Acceptance and Registration


Criteria acceptance document

Academic Committee and Quality

The systems of guarantee of quality of the Doctorate Program (DP) are theresponsability of the Academic Committee (AC) that will follow the procedure developed for the Center where the program is established ( available here).. To guarantee good coordination between the DP and the Center, one member of the Committee of Guarantee of Quality of the Center is also AC member..

The AC decides on the orientation and provides the mechanisms for information about the development of the development of the DP, including student's mobility.

The AC is responsible for all other issues dealing with regulation and development of the DP, except for its suppression. The suppression of titles (Master and doctorate) is the responsability of the University through a regulation of the local Goverment ) ((available here). ).

The Committee for Academic affairs, AC, rules the Program. The current AC members are the following academic staff:

Chair: X. Ramón Nóvoa Rodríguez, Program coordinator.
Secretary: Estrella Álvarez da Costa
José Canosa Saá.
José M. Cruz Freire.
Ángeles Domínguez Santiago.
Ana Rodríguez Rodríguez.
Ángeles Sanromán Braga.

Research groups


ENCOMAT (Corrosion and Materials Engineering) is an interdisciplinary group involving academics from the areas of Materiais Science and Metallurgical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering at the University of Vigo.


The EQ 10 Group, based in the EEI-Campus site, develops research work in the field of treatment and recovery of by-products and agro-industrial effluents. In recent years, work focuses on the development of ecoadsorbentes for the treatment of industrial effluents, as well as in obtaining biosurfactants and their application in different fields.


BIOSUV is a multidisciplinary research group that joins knowledge and efforts in the development of technologies to be applied in several industrial sectors. The research comprises design, optimisation and innovation in chemical, biochemical and environmental process.


Chete (Chemical Engineering, Thermal and Environmental) is an interdisciplinary group involving academics from the areas of Heat Engines and Chemical Engineering at the University of Vigo.



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